Walk Softly and Carry a Big Suitcase...

Feb 6, 2016 by

“Everything has a value, provided it appears at the right place at the right time. It’s a matter of recognizing that value, that quality, and then to transform it into something that can be used. If you come across something valuable and tuck it away in your metaphorical suitcase there’s sure to come a moment when you can make use of it.” Jurgen Bey (How to Explore the World, By Keri Smith) Last week a client called me to come in for a meeting. She is leading a new Learning Centre and wanted to talk through her vision. To pick my brain for ideas. At the end of the conversation she hired me to consult on the project. At the end of the meeting she said that she called me because she knows that...

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100 True Fans

Feb 4, 2016 by

A rule of thumb in the indie business world is that you need $1,000 true fans to make a decent living. True fans are those people with whom your work and your voice really resonate. They believe in you and what you’re doing and are always curious to find out what you’re up to next. They are inclined to buy what you’re selling and to show up to see you when you go on tour. You can have any number of “friends” and contacts and likes. But it’s the true fans that really count. I have 100 true fans. And I am deeply grateful for every one. Many of you have followed my work for years, and in some cases we’ve collaborated on joint projects too. Because I have 100 true fans, I can...

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Life is a Spirograph

Feb 3, 2016 by

For the last two years the fact of my mortality has been crowding my day to day awareness in a way it’s never done before. Maybe it’s because my grandmother died last summer, just a month shy of her 100th birthday. Maybe it’s because I have seen my parents move almost overnight from confident and robust, to uncertain and frail. Maybe it’s because my adult children have flown the nest for good, after a decade of working a circular flight pattern. Or because each week seems to bring news of another icon from my youth passing away. Or because long time collaborators in the corporate world are starting to retire. Retirement is the farthest thing from my mind. I’ve never felt more alive, engaged and creatively expressed. Still, for all my vitality I have...

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Is It Funny?

Oct 7, 2015 by

“Is it funny?”he asks. This when I tell him I’ve written a one woman show. “It has elements of the ridiculous about it,” I hedge. Partly because I’m in the habit of slipping quotes from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice into conversation. Partly because my sense of humour runs to word play, and plays best in response to a passing situation and not in the telling of jokes. “No fucking jokes though.” Just to be clear. Because I know a fair number of comedians and the frequency of fuck in a monologue seems to be some kind of measure that I fear I could never live up to. The truth is the show is a head on confrontation with my own mortality. Which is kind of tragic when you think about it. Given how...

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